Our dog kennels block in York

Dog Kennels

Purpose-built kennels fan cooled in warm weather and heated during the winter

Room to roam in secure grass paddocks

Separate kennel block for smaller dogs

We feed Skinners Skinners Chicken and Rice hypoallergenic dog food and can also feed raw for an extra charge

Experienced staff, fully trained to administer medications and injections

Visit the kennels anytime between 10am & 3:45pm

Our goal is to provide great care for happy, healthy pets and satisfied pet owners. Our kennels have solid indoor and outdoor runs so that your pet can relax and sleep without feeling challenged by his neighbour. Each kennel is roomy enough for your pet to stand up comfortably, turn around easily and stretch out. Each of the kennel sections have their own paddock where dogs are individually exercised in a safe and secure area. The paddocks allow the dogs to “free run” in total safety. Free running is good for their well-being and let’s them explore and nurtures their natural instincts.

We feed Skinners Chicken and Rice hypoallergenic dog food and are a Nature’s Menu stockist and are experienced in feeding raw/BARF diets (an extra charge will be made for raw food).

Your pet is checked frequently during the day by our kennel staff who are trained to recognise signs of illness and distress and to seek veterinary assistance when needed. Our staff are also fully trained to administer medications and injections.

You can visit the kennels anytime between 10am & 3:45pm. No appointment necessary.

On arrival at Snowlandia, your pet’s up to date Vaccination certificate or Titre Test certificates need to be shown to verify that your pet is protected from harmful diseases. Be assured that all the dogs in our care are fully vaccinated or are Titre Tested (Titre Testing measures the level of antibodies for diseases).

At Snowlandia we don’t insist on the Kennel Cough Vaccination but if you do choose to have it done please ensure that you leave 5 clear days from the date of the Kennel Cough vaccination to your arrival date at Snowlandia. (for puppies up to 14 weeks old please leave 14 clear days from the Kennel Cough vaccination to arrival at Snowlandia).

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Our reception hours for bringing & collecting pets are going back to ‘normal’ from 12th April!! INs : 10am until 3:45pm OUTs : 9am until 3:45pm Look forward to seeing you all soon 😃
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