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Day Boarding

Room to roam in secure grass paddocks

Physical and mental stimulation, with play throughout the day

Regular visits or just a one off

Many dog owners, have busy schedules with prolonged hours at work. Here at Snowlandia  we specialise in the care of your dog while you’re out at work or when you just need to go out for the day. We provide physical and mental stimulation for your dog enabling them to play and rest throughout the day to suit their own needs. We provide room to roam in our safe paddocks to enable your dog to enjoy his or her time with us, whether it be regular visits or just a one off.

7:00am to 7:00pm Mon-Fri & 7:00am to 4:00pm Sat & Sun

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Our reception hours for bringing & collecting pets are going back to ‘normal’ from 12th April!! INs : 10am until 3:45pm OUTs : 9am until 3:45pm Look forward to seeing you all soon 😃
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