What to Expect When Your
Dog Comes Home

Kennel life is very exciting and don’t be surprised if your dog is either shattered or has a “crazy five minutes” when you get him home. Dogs quickly adjust to our routine at Snowlandia and settling back into their home routine can take a little bit of time, they may be off their food or feeling low as life at home sometimes isn’t as stimulating as being in kennels. The kennel maids are with the dogs from 7am to 4pm between 4pm and 6pm the kennels have quiet time, and then the night staff arrive around 6pm.   Throughout the day the dogs are turned on to the paddocks in rotation, which means they are probably out a lot more than at home. When the dogs are free running on the paddock during the day they will be playing and saying hello to other dogs (through their kennel gates- dogs are not exercised together unless they are from the same family) they also tend to bark so they may be a bit hoarse. They are then let out again when the evening staff come in so they can have a wee, and are comfortable before being put to bed.  So you can see how busy they are!

Most dogs love being in kennels where life is non-stop so some may even pace or look for something to do when they get home.  Some dogs slip back into home life straightaway, but every dog is different so will adjust differently.  Love, affection and a little time is all they need to be back to their old selves.

Our reception hours for bringing & collecting pets are going back to ‘normal’ from 12th April!! INs : 10am until 3:45pm OUTs : 9am until 3:45pm Look forward to seeing you all soon 😃
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