Terms and Conditions

We take every step possible to ensure the safety of our staff. By signing this declaration you are confirming that you have read and understand our Terms and Conditions (see overleaf) and declared any and all behavioral traits such as aggression, nervousness, hyperactivity etc…regarding your dog or cat. Owners are liable for any damage inflicted upon staff or property by their animal(s).

The Snowlandia Vaccination Policy is a current Titre Test certificate or full vaccinations, (Puppy course, plus 12 month booster) then annually for Leptospirosis and every 3rd year for DHP. Please remember to bring your vaccination card or current Titre test certificate with you each time you check in. If Kennel Cough vaccine is administered it must be a minimum of 5 days prior to boarding. We do not insist on Kennel Cough as there are no guarantees that dogs will not contract it even when vaccinated. Cats must be fully inoculated against Feline Enteritis and influenza.

All rates are calculated from and include day of arrival and day of departure unless collected by 10am, when no charge will be made for that day. From June- September all days booked will be charged for. Boarding fees are due when animals are collected. If you do not collect your pet on the agreed date or make contact with us to make arrangements for it to be collected we reserve the right to rehome it.

All animals must be fit and in good condition and of pleasant temperament when entering Snowlandia. Veterinary Surgeon to be called if deemed necessary. All costs to be paid by the owner. This will include callout charges, transportation etc. We reserve the right to turn away any animal which we feel is not suitable to be boarded. Any animals showing signs of Kennel Cough or any contagious disease will be turned away. Owners must declare if they suspect their dog may develop Kennel Cough while at Snowlandia. Whilst every care and attention is given to each animal boarded at this establishment we cannot be held responsible for loss, either from illness or other cause. Should dogs or cats be found to be hosting fleas or worms, the owner will be liable for all costs of treating the animal and the surrounding environment considered necessary by the owners of Snowlandia.

Dogs and Cats will not be accepted into the kennels/cattery without a UK contact name address and telephone number. The owner/UK contact will be asked to remove difficult animals from the kennels. Owner must make the UK contact aware of their responsibility.

We reserve the right to update the terms and conditions as needed.

Our reception hours for bringing & collecting pets are going back to ‘normal’ from 12th April!! INs : 10am until 3:45pm OUTs : 9am until 3:45pm Look forward to seeing you all soon 😃
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